Saturday, February 14, 2009

Contemporary African Philosophy

I've gone through some tough moments this week espercially in class. My Professor for Contemporary African Philosophy sucks! Seriously, I've been trying to cope with him making constant reference to how great Africa was in the past, the fact that human origin started in Africa, based on the Leakey couple's evidence of homo sapien fossils in Tanzania(1958) etc- all of which is contestable in the first place. But my man is too dogmatic and extremely biased to be a philosophy lecturer of a fine course which boils down on major issues confronting us today as Africans and how best we can think about them- but as far as he is concerned, we must go to the past and continue with the blame game. It is not particularly easy when he considers his views in a philosophy class as final and doesn't tolerate questions from his students. I've really tried for the past couple of lectures and it's not going to be easy as I have about ten more lectures to go with him...God save our dear continent from all such backward looking academics!

New Ways

I keep telling myself, I need to blog often but I don't get to do so... so for what I call my new ways, I'm going to get back to blogging.

I hear Novisi and others saying I've put on some wait plus my afro hair style--maybe that's part of my new ways...