Saturday, February 14, 2009

Contemporary African Philosophy

I've gone through some tough moments this week espercially in class. My Professor for Contemporary African Philosophy sucks! Seriously, I've been trying to cope with him making constant reference to how great Africa was in the past, the fact that human origin started in Africa, based on the Leakey couple's evidence of homo sapien fossils in Tanzania(1958) etc- all of which is contestable in the first place. But my man is too dogmatic and extremely biased to be a philosophy lecturer of a fine course which boils down on major issues confronting us today as Africans and how best we can think about them- but as far as he is concerned, we must go to the past and continue with the blame game. It is not particularly easy when he considers his views in a philosophy class as final and doesn't tolerate questions from his students. I've really tried for the past couple of lectures and it's not going to be easy as I have about ten more lectures to go with him...God save our dear continent from all such backward looking academics!

New Ways

I keep telling myself, I need to blog often but I don't get to do so... so for what I call my new ways, I'm going to get back to blogging.

I hear Novisi and others saying I've put on some wait plus my afro hair style--maybe that's part of my new ways...

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Concert of African Pianism


The second concert of African Pianism by Victor Nii Sowa Manieson, a contemporary Ghanaian pianist of international repute comes off on Saturday October 11, 2008 at the British Council.

Victor Nii Sowa Manieson: an Educationist, Composer and Performer is a contemporary Ghanaian Musical genius who distinguishes himself through African Pianism. African Pianism is a ground-breaking type of African music which derives its characteristics from a blend of African drums and African instruments, percussions and idioms interpreted on Piano. In other words, “he drums on the piano.”

He has performed before a number of distinguished personalities such as Emeritus Professor Kwabena Nketia, Professor Ebenezer Laing, Ambassador Nancy Powell (Former US Ambassador to Ghana), UN officials among others.

With a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology,Victor has taught music at a number of institutions such as the National Academy of Music and the Lincoln Community School. He is the Co-founder of the Accra Music Ministry Chorale and was for many years Director of Music at the Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, U.S.A, where he performed his compositions regularly to a five hundred plus audience.

On July 11, he shall perform the following:

- Voices of our Ancestors: This piece reveals the non-oral communication that existed in the midst of the pandemonium that characterized how our ancestors were transported to Europe and South America. As the song unfolds, we shall come to the realization that in spite of their different backgrounds there was indeed a form of communication initiated by God and presented through collective consciousness as they transcend their bodies.
Voices of our ancestors shall be enacted by the Dance Factory.

- Supplication from Yoruba land: Tries to address the vocabulary we use in referring to the supreme being-God Almighty. By so doing it raises questions of how we should address God. Should we address God as male or female (“Obaatampa Nyame” by the Akans) or both (as is in the case of the Ga expression, “Ataa naa nyumo”) The piece also demonstrates the manifestation of God through creation.
- Lamentations from Freetown: is a bold attempt to caution all West African Countries. History teaches us that it is our gallant ancestors who fought against being transported to Europe that were relocated to Freetown to co-exist with indigenous tribes, notably the Mende. Consequently, Freetown became the melting pot of all major tribes in West Africa as reflected in the “Krio” language. The crux of the Lamentations from Freetown is that if such brave ancestors who could co-exist for more than two hundred years could be “blinded” to go into war for over ten years, then we should be cautious not to inflame passions that would destroy any attempts at integrating the sub-region.

- Senorita: is the emergence of the sophisticated Latin American Woman, reflecting what she would have been three generations ago. Senorita shall be enacted.

For more information on the concert contact:
Kwesi Amoak (Marketing and coordinating Manager, The Piano Lab)
Tel: 0277 68 13 73 Email:

Monday, August 11, 2008

My New Job!

I have a new job as the Marketing and Coordinating Manager of The Piano Lab. It's very exciting!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feeling Great

Spent quality time with my sweet heart. Haven't been this peaceful as this before!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Success of my maiden book launch!

I'm just recovering from a breakdown I had on thursday just after a 30 munite interview on CitiFM-became really cold and started vomiting- guess fatigue, stress and malaria all mixed up, but I'm getting better now since I've had a great dossage of sleep.

So far I've had a great publicity all over espercially with Uncle Ebo Whyte doing his motivational message on me during JoyFM' s morning show on thurday.

The launch was a memorable evening. It was simple but very impactful. I had 7 of those featured in the book with their families and friends to grace the event. Just after the launch one of my friends called and said "Kwesi I've known you for quite a while now but have not seen you as happy as today." In fact at some point in time I had some tears of joy!

So far, so good. I feel great and above all challenged to do more in the coming days, months and years.

Photos of the launch coming soon! Thanx loads for your support!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Details of book Launch

Details of my book launch on:

The final day is here and I really hope to enjoy myself during the launch!