Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ghana @ 51

Yeah, I'm back in school for the second semester's work. But what really is on my mind now is the fact that Ghana turns 51 next thursday. What have we done as a nation so far? Where do we hope to be within thext fifty years? Are we going to continue to be beggers or be inventors of systems that work for us and be in charge of a well planned future?

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Did I say the Taranga Lions... no mea culpa, it is the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun who stole Ghana's Host and Win dream. After, Ghana had to settle with a consoling thrash of Ivory Coast 4-2. It was fun seeing Drogba against Essien.

But as I muse now, the final of CAN 2008 is on between Cameroun and Egypt. Who takes the Cup.. the next 50 munites or so shall tell.

In any case the tournament has finally come to an end. African Soccer has come of age and I'm sure with such passion in football, we can unite to create better systems to enhance the positive and peaceful development of our continent....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Stars and the Lions

Today the Black Stars of Ghana meet the Taranga Lions of Cameroun in a semi-finals of the ongoing Ghana 2008. A lot of expectations on the airwaves but let's wait and see the twists and turns on the feild this evening. Which ever way it goes, I expect Eto o and Agogo to score. It's definatly going to be a tough match. Will Ghana's host and win dream tramppled upon and torn apart by the Lions? We shall see....